Clean Your Cleats [Signed Paperback]
Clean Your Cleats [Signed Paperback]
Clean Your Cleats [Signed Paperback]
Clean Your Cleats [Signed Paperback]

Clean Your Cleats [Signed Paperback]

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Here you can buy signed paperback copies of Clean Your Cleats. Leave a note in the checkout if you'd like the book addressed to someone.

Looking for the audiobook version? Buy it on Audible here. Hardcover and Kindle are available on Amazon

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⚾️ What's Clean Your Cleats About?

Clean Your Cleats is my new book, written to help players find their way in the game and avoid the missteps that so many of us now-retired players look back on.

📖 From the Back Cover:

You daydream about one day seeing your face on a baseball card.

You live for pressure and the green grass beneath your cleats.

But as your career progresses, the game gets harder.

  • You slump and struggle.
  • You get injured and overlooked.
  • Your confidence plummets.

Can you keep improving? Are your big dreams still within reach?

📓 A Handbook for the Dedicated Player

Clean Your Cleats is filled with stories and advice learned the hard way, over a long career on the diamond.

  • Develop better routines and improve your consistency.
  • Handle the ups and downs with confidence and resolve.
  • Strengthen relationships with teammates, parents and coaches.
  • Learn mindset strategies to become the best version of you.

Dan Blewett, in this practical guide, helps players understand all the little things in baseball that make a huge difference over a long career.

🧼 Why clean your cleats? Because every detail matters.