50-Minute Coaching Session with Dan

50-Minute Coaching Session with Dan

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This is a 50-minute mindset coaching session with Dan Blewett. If you need honest advice and guidance from someone who has lived and been through it all as a baseball player and coach, this is for you.

Common topics:

  • Mental Skills and mindset
  • Skill development or evaluation of skills (verbal evaluation only, not written)
  • Advice dealing with coaches or handling situations
  • Recruiting advice
  • Sports life coaching and help with mindset following injuries, slumps and other struggles


  • 50 minutes long
  • Conducted via Google Meet or Zoom (will send link)
  • Does not include any follow-up documents, plans or programs
  • Send over any video beforehand, if relevant
  • Dan will reach out prior to the meeting to schedule and learn about the nature and topic of conversation
  • With questions, please contact Dan at hello@danblewett.com.

Note: Dan is NOT a licensed therapist or counselor and this is NOT a counseling session. Please contact a licensed mental healthy counselor if this is what you're seeking.